• What can I do to receive a project quotation in the shortest time possible?

    The last thing we want is to waste your precious time. Therefore, please try to prepare as detailed functionality requirements as possible and include all the API/3rd party system documentation if available. If our advisor is not able to provide you with a concrete quotation at the first response, it is possible that you have not been specific enough while describing your project requirements. The advisor will not prepare an accurate quotation until they are completely sure that they have fully understood your point of view and intentions.

  • Is there any way to speed up the development of my project?

    Our goal is to finalize each project as soon as possible, but to maintain optimal workflow, we need to have our whole development team busy ahead. Do not forget to plan ahead as well. This way you will avoid stressful situations and lower the risk of missed deadline.

  • Why is your advisor suggesting project phases?

    It may be caused by insufficient specification, demanding requirements or particularly complex project. Sometimes it is just not possible to predict every aspect and complications that may occur. Thus, splitting the project into phases may help avoid misunderstandings and wasting time on changing the project scope during the development of a whole, complex solution.